Advantages and Disadvantages of Your Pet Having a Litter Before Being Spayed

Unfortunately the true fact is that in these times we are living in, the top killer of all domestic pets healthy or not, is euthanasia. This is often carried out by the various pet shelters because of over population and the shortage of funds. The only effective and humane method in reducing the amount of pets lives lost is Neuter and Spay, but the big question is when to spay? Before or after the first litter?There are some arguments and thoughts shared among people as to whether females should be allowed to have their first litter and then be spayed after, or whether having the female spayed as early in life as possible is better, to prevent a litter from occurring.The Advantages of Your Pet Having Her First Litter are:• You are not depriving the female pet from her chance to be a mother and acting out what comes natural to her.• Some people feel their female pet calms down considerably after the hormone changes from pregnancy and from raising her litter, although it various from pet to pet.The Disadvantages of Your Pet Having Her First Litter are: (These Seem to Largely Outweigh the Advantages)• Spaying a female before her first heat ensures that the operation is easier and less painful for her.• You will be adding towards the pet overpopulation. If you breed your pet, you are taking away the chances of people rescuing a pet that has already been born and is currently in a shelter, awaiting a home. Any potential new owners of your litter offspring also may decide to breed, so it really is a vicious circle.• After the female has had her first season or pregnancy she may get a ‘false pregnancy’ at some point. This can cause mammary development, tummy swelling and changes in your pet’s mood, so some people recommend spaying from the earliest age possible to avoid this.• The cost of caring for, feeding and vaccinating the puppies or kittens and in addition the spay cost for the puppies or kittens could potentially add up to a lot of moneyNeuter and Spay in General Has Some Great Advantages for Your Pet These Include:• The risk of various cancers being greatly reduced, if she is spayed before her first heat.• Pyometra a deadly disease for females is not a threat if the pet is spayed.• Male pets will not follow your female around, as she will not have that heat scent.Some Disadvantages are:• Your pet may act a little different and her personality or outlook may change.• If your pet is spayed too early in life she may develop urinary incontinence in the future.So now it’s your choice to decide whether to get your female pet spayed before a litter or after a litter. Think about which is the best way forward for you, what will benefit your pet the most and what you feel most strongly for.